The Artist

“Memories are a way of holding onto the things we are, the things we love and the things we never want to lose.”
 This is what inspires me on my photography journey.


Photography became a passion when I became a mother. Being a mother is my first job but wanting to capture every single moment of my first born made me pick up a camera and learn how to use it. I really got to experience life through his eyes and wow, is it different. I am continually striving to evolve my artistry and learn new things. Photography is more than just taking pictures of poses for me, it is an artistic, creative expression to capture those everyday moments. When I am not holding my camera or chasing around my 3 boys, I am also playing dress up with women, helping them feel beautiful, as a Stylist for a traveling boutique. I also enjoy running outdoors, hosting gatherings, live music, cooking and really want to learn how to play the guitar. I have a strong will for giving back and try to make time to do so.  If you remember anything about me you will know that I LOVE the beach and sunshine!! My heart lives in the ocean and belongs at the shore. Oh, and I think Dove Dark Chocolate should be my everyday vitamin.

I love light and it can be so inspiring to me which is why I am a natural light photographer. This passion is all about documenting the lives we live and I want to give you photographs that tell the story of exactly who you are. The real moments whether crazy or calm. Our session will be fun, laid back, and me moving around a lot to play with the light in your images. I love to let kids do their thing, and make it my job to capture that experience for you. I also adore capturing the raw family connections. You are only at these stages in life for so long and I want to be able to give you that memory.

The photography world has won me over. I am in love with the creative and personal concept of slowing down to appreciate the everyday miracles, feelings, and emotions through my lens and to be able to give that to my family and clients to remember for years. Photography has provided me with a way to show, tell and hold onto the story of life experiences through their eyes.

If this sounds like the type of photography you are looking for then I would love nothing more than to capture the memories, while you are making them. Please feel free to view the experience and pricing here and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or special requests.