I am so thrilled to be joining other moms and photographer friends of boys in documenting and writing monthly letters to our sons. This one goes out to our newest addition to arrive in January. At the end click the link to continue your way around our circle in this close to our hearts project.


To my newest baby boy;

You are set to arrive sometime around January 26, 2014 and your brothers, father and I could not be more excited to have you join in our family.  What will you be coming into you may ask; well chaos for one, lots of it but with chaos comes so much fun and love, lots and lots of love. Be ready to get smothered with kisses, hugs and snuggles, especially from your truly. I don’t ever feel like I can love each of you enough so I am constantly expressing myself with words and affection.  We all love you so much already and haven’t even met you yet, named you, or held you. Every time I feel you move I am just elated with dreaming about what and who you will be like. What traits will be similar to your brothers and if they are from me or your father. I love dreaming about what you will look like and who’s features you will get. Your older brother Cayson is 4 and is all about wrestling these days, but don’t worry, mommy will protect you (we have a strict “no wrestling with babies rule in this house 😉 ). You can also expect to get lots of kisses and hugs from him. He will be your best friend and look out for you. I have no doubt in my mind he will want to help with feeding you, changing your diaper, picking out your clothes and constantly love on you. You are so lucky to have him. Your other older brother is Canden, he is 1. I just know you two will be the best of friends. He doesn’t quite know that you are arriving but I know the bond between the two of you will be formed instantly.  He is so fun loving, quite demanding and independent, adventurous, daring and definitely a little prankster. I am sure he will help you (or encourage you) to get into trouble. 🙂  Your daddy and I are going to enjoy watching you two grow up together and experience life at similar points sometimes. Even with his prankster nature, he is a lover. He will love you as much as he loves me and I know first hand that is a lot! You are so lucky to have these two older brothers. You will also get lots of kisses and snuggles from our cat Peanut, and “puppies” Gizmo and Maycee. I told you, you were coming into chaos…maybe Zoo is more like it.

We are so excited for our new adventure with you and can’t wait for your journey through life to begin. I think about holding you often and just snuggling as much as I can.  I will tell you though, that no one will love you more than me, your daddy and your brothers and that our snuggles will be perfect with each member of our family (I do have to share you sometimes I guess.) Be ready for the chaos, excited for the love, cherish the brotherly bond and friendships and just enjoy the life we help you create. I am so thankful that we are blessed with you and to have you join our family. The love will never, ever end here. I love you with all of my being and just am so lucky I get to grow you and bond with you before you enter this life. You and I will always have that special bond and I never want you to forget it. Just know you are perfect, just the way you are! (Your brothers hear this on a daily basis and I really mean it. )
All my love,
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Family Oct. 2013

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