It is that time of month again that I get to team up with some friends that I started this journey with. We get to watch each other grow, challenge one another and support one another. We get to take on new projects and one we have been working on this month is Independence. This is such a strong word and has so much meaning behind it. As I watch my boys grow, I want them to learn and be confident to stand on their own and know that I support them in every experience, growth and choice they make. I will do my best as a mommy to instill the values and morals in which will influence their pathways of life but I want them to learn and know that it is ok to stand alone, to stand up for their feelings and thoughts and to grow as an individual each and every day.  Do your own thing and be your own person!  Please make your way around our circle of awesome photographer friends and see how my talented friend Nadeen has shown Independence this month!



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