January 2014 – Letters to our Sons

It is that time again for us moms of boys to write our monthly letters to them. I am so honored to be among such talented, caring, heartfelt moms and the common bond we  share in documenting our boys. Don’t forget to make your way all around the circle. You can start by visit my talented friend Sarah in her letter to her son.

To my sweet baby boy and little love,

I just want you both to know how much I adore and love you. You are getting so big  and growing so fast and I get the front row seat to experiencing your life with you. I am so thankful that I get to be your mommy and spend each and every day with you. In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined being a mommy to all boys and not miss out on your growing years. One of the best decisions I have made was to stay home with you boys. Our bond just continues to grow stronger and stronger and I learn more about the both of you with every passing minute. I can’t imagine my life not experiencing yours the way I get to. Cayson these days you are all about projects, science, putting together packages, wrapping presents (the Christmas bug bit you pretty good), throwing Birthday parties for your “guys” and shopping with daddy at home depot to build and paint things. Your caring heart continues to grow too. You love making cards for everyone in your family and your stuffed animals. You are so thoughtful and those cards really brighten our day. You wake up every morning, come in to snuggle, give me 3 kisses and say “Good Morning Mommy.” Then you proceed to do the same thing to my tummy and say “Good Morning Baby” and off you go. I love these special moments. Canden, in the last few weeks your imagination has blossomed and you are full fledged toddler. You never walk anywhere, you constantly run with a sense of urgency. You eat ALL day. Thankfully you really like fruits and veggies. You love to color, talk on the phone, vacuum and do whatever your big brother is doing, all with wanting mommy right by your side. When you aren’t doing any of those things, I am holding you doing what I am doing. We are best buds and you really are a mommy’s boy. I love the random kisses and the snuggles with your blankies.

Any day now, your little brother is set to come into this world and I can’t help but be elated by the thought of having the 3 of you together, all to myself. I may want to pull my hair out sometimes or just want to shower alone but as you proved tonight….you boys love me to no end and can’t get enough of me, That feeling fills me with so much joy and happiness that I forget about wanting to pull my hair out. This evening,  I headed upstairs to take shower and left you to spend time with your dad but before I knew it, the bathroom was filled with leggos, cars, a tent, magazines, scissors for crafting, pajamas and blankets. There you two were, playing away, daddy just hanging out and mommy wanting some alone time…who could really want alone time when they are so loved the way you love and adore me? You just wanted to be where I was. I am so grateful for your unconditional love. I am even more excited for this love to be shared with your little brother. Yes there will be wrestling throw downs and times that you don’t want to play with each other and that is ok. I know you will always look out for one another and be there for each other no matter what.

My love continues to grow for each of you every single minute. I am not sure how that is possible because the moment you were both born, my heart ached with such thriving love but somehow you both make my heart grow bigger and the love for you stronger and stronger. I love you both with all of my being and that will never change. You are perfect, just the way you are and our life is perfect just the way it is; challenges and triumphs.

I love you!


Here you boys are, perfect just the way you are, in our daily life.

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  • Jill Cassara - What a wonderful collection of memories you have preserved!! So excited to watch your family grow through your lens!!ReplyCancel

  • Jo Clark - This was such a beautiful post! This line really stuck out to me, “who could really want alone time when they are so loved the way you love and adore me? ”
    Can’t wait to see you with all THREE of your babies in our next post!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Roemer Davis - The crib and blanket and adorable babe – I cannot stand the sweetness of that image. They are all so amazing, but that one pulls my heart strings so much!!!ReplyCancel

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