My little love….

I am so ecstatic and honored to be joining a blog circle with some incredibly talented ladies called “Letters to Our Children”. You know all those thoughts you think about your kids CONSTANTLY and only wish they knew how you felt?! Well with this blog circle I can get some of my scattered brain thoughts jotted down for my sweet boys to be able to have one day. This month is going to Canden.



My sweet sweet little love, you have already sprouted so much that everyday I ask you, “when did you get so big?” It seems like just yesterday I was bouncing you on the exercise ball for hours on end just to keep you content. While those times were exhausting, they will always be some of my favorites. There you were, another piece to our family puzzle, our story, our place on this earth. Here you are now, 8 months old.  I am so inevitably excited for more of your “firsts” as you approach your first birthday. Somehow I assumed your firsts would be like your brothers, that you would see the world as he did, but I was so wrong. While all milestones are similar, your interpretation of each step is unique to you and only you. They are YOUR steps, you are your own little being, creating your world. I promise to always be a part of your journey and hope that you will always share your life with your mommy. It brings me so much happiness to experience all of the ordinary miracles that I would otherwise take for granted because of how you see them. It won’t be long before you are walking but I love watching you crawl to chase your brother to play with him. The love between the two of you is incredible to witness first hand. Your face lights up just at the sight of him and you are the first person he wants to hug and kiss when he has been gone all day. I know that you will be the best of friends and share the unconditional love for one another. There are so many things that I love about you and the little man you are becoming.


1. The way you say mummmmmmaaaa and leap from whoever is holding you for me. You want to be with me all the time! <3
2. Your adorable dimples when you smile.
3. Those BABY FEET!!!
4. The way you look up to your brother.
5. Your insanely cute little giggle!! (You think it’s hysterical when your brother is crying and he doesn’t appreciate it too much. )
6. The concentration on your face when discovering something new and figuring out how it fits into your world.
7. Your eyelashes and little button nose.
8. The way you run your fingers through my hair.
9. The way you shove your blankie in your mouth for comfort and just suck on it until you fall asleep.
10. That your favorite toy at the moment is one of your big chunky knob puzzles. It is so fitting because you are constantly figuring out how your discoveries fit into your puzzle of life.

I will always love you for all that you are, no exceptions! You are perfect to me. Even though I am excited for you to grow and experience all life has to offer, I really want to keep you little and hold you as much as I can, for as long as I can. As you grow older, I fear you will need me less, while I will need you more. Canden; you are so strong, determined and lovable. This independence you are gaining is coming faster than you may know, faster than your mommy and daddy are ready for. .

I love you sweet Canden. I’m so in love and thankful to be your mommy and experience your life…. as you fit the pieces together.



Please make your way around the circle, and leave some love, to the talented Cassandra in this months “Letters to our Children.”


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  • Danika - What a sweet little guy <3 I love the sentiments of your letter and the stage you've captured in your shot! Can't wait to read your letter next month 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Court, you are such a good mama! This is beautiful! Brings tears to my eyes as I think about how fast each day goes. I need to start these “letters” to Connor. So sweet! LOVE!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - what a beautiful letter!! almost made me cry because my youngest is already 2<3ReplyCancel

  • elaina mortali - aw this was so sweet to read!!! What a great picture too!ReplyCancel

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